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Are you looking for a high-quality local dentist in Oman? You have to visit our center today!   We are a leading provider of general dentistry dedicated to giving patients the newest, most advanced treatment options available.

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Dental Services:

New Hope Medical Center Bleaching Services Dental Dentist Department

Bleaching Services:

Over-bleaching can cause lasting damage. The only clinically safe way to whiten your teeth is with a hydrogen peroxide solution prescribed by your dentist. But whitening is only part of having healthy teeth, we can do for you:
1-Clinic Bleaching
2-Home Bleaching

Laser And Amalgam Filling Hew Hope Medical Center Dental Dentist Department

Laser filling and amalgam filling:

Laser dentistry has nothing to do with the type of filling material used in the tooth. The laser is used to remove the decay and replaces the drill. It is pain-free, noise-free, and as you know, completely drill-free dentistry.The powerful laser removes the decay to prepare the tooth for restoration.

Surgical Extraction Of Teeth New Hope Medical Center Dental Dentist Department

Surgical and normal extraction of teeth:

Our top-notch equipment and highly qualified staff will make your journey with teeth extraction easy and painless.

Zircon Implants and ceramic implants New Hope Medical Center Dental Dentist Department

Teeth implant with Ceramic or with Zircon Crown:

Our zirconia crowns are full anatomical crowns made entirely from Zirconia, no porcelain overlay, no metal! They are made with the most translucent Zirconia formula available on the market.

Gum Treatment Laser New Hope Medical Center Dental Dentist Department

Gum Treatment: all types of Gum treatment using laser.

1-Laser Gingival discoloration without pain in one visit
2-Root Treatment for adult and children
3-crown and bridges (Ceramic – Zirconia- E.max)

Children Treatment New Hope Medical Center Dental

Pediatric Dentistry:

For our beloved kids, a safe journey of treatment includes filling, extraction, root treatment. While all these procedures can be done under GA.

Hollywood Smile New Hope Medical Center Dentist

Hollywood Smile:

Your Beautiful Smile Begins Here, you will find all what suites your beauty and face gestures to have the most attractive smile ever, what we do:
1-Composite veneer
2-Emax veneer
3-Zirconia veneer
4-Snap on smile